The Harbor continues to serve Dothan by listening and learning

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Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 2:25 PM CDT
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As George Floyd protests continue to spark around the country, many groups are finding ways to express their voices. The Harbor is hoping their outlook can reach the people of Dothan.

Consistent. Is one word The Harbor strives to be. Whether it be delivering food or building relationships, they're ensuring the Dothan community is taken care of.

"It's very essential that we come to know what exactly people are dealing with and what they're going through in life. Because the more we can feel and know about they're dealing with, it helps us to be more effective meeting the need, cause that's what's important is that every need is met," pastor, Larry Flowers said.

Due to COVID-19 The Harbor has taken their mission completely on the road, providing over 2,000 meals a week.

And with recent events in the US following George Floyd's death, The Harbor is taking a different approach.

"I want to be quick to listen and slow to speak, I want to seek to understand so I've had numerous conversations the past week. Talk to me, what's it like being in Dothan, Alabama in this season, talk to me what's it like being in this country were in? Tell me what you're feeling, tell me how what happened to George Floyd brings about emotions into you, teach me that," Kody Kirchhoff, executive director of The Harbor said.

Listening and learning from the people they serve.

"They're not out here just protesting, they're out here showing people compassion, showing them love and in a time of need right now, that's what people need right now. They need the compassion and we can all stand out here in front of buildings and protest but when you get a hug from someone during these times and someone sending you food during these times that compassion goes a long way," Trina Hunter said.

In hopes to gain a new perspective while helping those who need it the most.

"I think everyone has their right to share their feelings and what they're feeling and if that's on a corner of a courthouse or that's on social media, everybody has that right to do that. We simply feel that relationships are the key so were going to be right in the neighborhoods, like we said listening and loving, bringing supplies, bringing provision, caring, in this season, a remarkable season in 2020 that's going to be remembered forever," Kirchhoff said.

The Harbor is continuing to serve 7 different times during the week, delivering over 10,000 of food.

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