The Dothan Police Department holds their 23rd annual K-9 seminar

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY)- About 40 Teams from far as North Carolina and Texas are training and showcasing their four legged officers in Dothan police department’s 23rd annual K-9 seminar.

Lieutenant Rachael David of the Dothan Police Department says “This is a very unique opportunity where again not only do they get to train with other agencies and different trainers, but they also get to participate in a variety of competitions throughout the week and really just get to showcase just how talented these K-9 partners really are”.

The talent of these K-9 partners has no limit.

Lieutenant David says "The typical dog that we have here does a variety of works, anything from narcotic detection to patrol and apprehension, tracking, article location, bomb and explosive detection”.

With the variety of skills being trained, the seminar will be held at multiple locations.

Lieutenant David says “We offer about 20-30 different training sites so that he dogs are exposed to continuously new and different opportunities”.

Training the dogs in new environments also helps them adapt to various situations they may come across on the job.

Lieutenant David says “We will train in warehouses, vehicle yards, through tracking through the woods and through trails, and we’ll offer a variety of experiences so that when they leave Dothan they’ve had the opportunity to do new things”.

While the seminar is being held, don’t be surprised if Dothan looks extra protected.

Lieutenant David says “That’s one thing we love is that people notice all around the city they are seeing K-9 vehicles from all over, again North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Georgia you will see those vehicles rolling around the city this week as we move from one to another training sites”.

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