City of Ozark granted $250k towards community pool

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OZARK, Ala. (WTVY) - For years the Ozark Boys and Girls Club hosted swimming lessons.

But with no community pool, they had to get creative.

"An old staff member that used to work here, we would go to her pool"

Soon that'll change with the help of a community development block grant.

The city plans to spend its grant $250,000 on a community pool.

"I’m excited and I can just let everything out and just be free" is how Boys and Girls Club of Ozark member Ja’Nyah Edwards describes her feelings at the idea of a community pool.

Emma Peters, a counselor said, "Us Jr. Lifeguards we're always like where are we going to go today? Where are we going to go this day, oh she doesn’t have the right equipment for us so yeah, its gonna help so so much"

In April when temperatures rise, residents of Ozark only have a splash pad as a community way to cool down.
"It’s different than a pool because the splash pad it has little water that comes up and the pool it has more water around you, and like slides" says Edwards.

Though plans for the pool aren’t finalized, people are already looking forward to diving in.

"Every weekend, while it's open. They'll love that. My boys love swimming. We definitely need something like that in the area" says Terri Austin, mother of two boys who frequent the splash pad.

It has not been released when construction on the pool will begin or where it will be built.

It is scheduled to be completed by August 2018.

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