The City of Dothan plans to have debris cleanup finished by the end of the year

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY)- Public Works Director Charles Metzger says that the City of Dothan is working overtime to help cleanup storm debris in the wake of Hurricane Michael but it still could take a couple of months for the city to complete the clean-up.

Charles Metzger says that “normally large trees and things like that would have to be cut up and taken away by contractors, especially at business locations; we wouldn’t even touch those no matter what. Now we’re picking up everything but we’ve got to put a cutoff date on this so were giving to the end of the year”.

By the end of December to be exact, by setting this deadline it helps to get everyone back their normal job.

Metzger says “I hope by at the end of the year that we’re kind of getting closer to back to normal”.

To make cleanup safe and efficient the city does have one request Metzger says “If you are having something cut keep it out of the street, keep it behind the curb if at all possible”.

While you still have some time to arrange for the city to collect your storm debris, this will all take time. Albert Kirkland a City of Dothan Commissioner says “We just ask that people be patient with us, we are working on the cleanup and slowly coming to the end of it”.

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