AUSA kicks-off membership drive

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Mike Schmitz, The Vice President of AUSA Fort Rucker Wiregrass Chapter says "In our Community we are patriots, we want to support our soldiers and help them, and that's what AUSA does, is support our men and women at Fort Rucker".

For the AUSA to continue to support Fort Rucker veterans, they need community members.

COL Mark Jones, The President of AUSA Fort Rucker Wiregrass Chapter says "We hope to grow membership so that we do have a better level of advocacy with the people that hold the nations purse, with members of congress, so that Fort Rucker is known, that it is funded, and that we can continue to produce the world’s finest aviators and aviation soldiers in the world."

It’s easy to become a community partner.

Schmitz says "For $175, our community partners, which is our businesses, and we have thousands of business in the Wiregrass, can join and we can walk the walk and not talk the talk and actually show the people in DC that we do car about our soldiers and they are important to us and that we can become one of the largest chapters in the country".

A goal that seems reachable after the success of the day’s event.

Jones says "This was an incredible turn out, and the city of Dothan Mayor Saliba, the Houston County Commission Mark Culver, obviously the Dothan Chamber of Commerce Mr. Dean Mitchell and Mrs. Mary Beth Maddox did an outstanding job getting the word out and getting people to come to this, so we truly kicked this off in stealer fashion".

The AUSA will be continuing to hold membership events in surrounding counties over the next few months.

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