The Ark thrift store in Dothan is moving to a new location

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY)- The Ark thrift store in Dothan is moving to a new location.

The new location is just around the corner, but it is on heavily traveled Main Street.

The building is still being renovated, but they hope to have the new store open by the first weekend in May.

The Ark serves provides housing for 12 months to people transitioning from homelessness, addiction or prison.

The ministry's programs are funded mainly through the thrift store, which is why the new location is an exciting upgrade.

Denice Papac, Office Administrator at the Ark Dothan says “Not many people know where Hammond Street is, a lot of people walk into our main office and want to know where the thrift store is. We have to guide them around back through South Alice back to Hammond Street, so we hope that’s really going to increase our traffic flow, which will increase our revenue, which is the main purpose that will help support our ministries here at The Ark”.

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