Tax abatements amended for two area industries undergoing expansion

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) Monday, the Houston County Commission voted to grant tax abatements to Wayne Farms in Dothan and Next Level Apparel in Ashford.

Current expansion projects have cost both companies more money than expected, and the tax abatements will give the companies some sales tax relief on items like equipment and tools.

Next Level Apparel is in the process of adding100,000 square-feet to its facility in Ashford – that’s a $5.3 million investment. Meanwhile, Wayne Farms is constructing a 47,000 square-foot refrigerated warehouse - a $24 million expansion.

Matt Parker, President of the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce, says the tax abatements are incentives to keep these companies investing in the community. He says those types of investments go a long way in creating jobs and revenue for education.

“Manufacturing creates wealth and has a multiplier effect,” said Parker. “We want to try and grow those particular sectors in our Alabama market. We’re able to do incentives to help these companies when they make investments, purchasing new equipment, adding additional building space.”

The Next Level Apparel expansion is expected to generate an additional 75 to 100 jobs.

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