"Take Back Our Republic" group visits Dothan

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Dothan, AL (WTVY) Non-profit and non-partisan group, called 'Take Back Our Republic' is making stops all over to promote their initiative of finance reform within the U.S. Government.

Their goal is to uncover and clean up the way some people in governmental positions hide money.

The meeting in Dothan is serving as an official kick off event as Dothan becomes the organizations new home in Southeast Alabama.

In attendance is State Senator of Alabama, Tripp Pittman who has signed-up for the role of Regional Director for the group.

Executive Director, John Pudner says they are taking matters into their own hands in efforts to secure a better future.

"We've gone around the country and we are seeing the same frustration everywhere. People are concerned that politicians are just addicted to big money, and we want to focus them back on the voters. I think everyone, conservative, liberal, independent shares that view," said Pudner.

The group has plans to lobby outside the State Capital of Alabama in support of an ethics bill they will be supporting in the upcoming session.

Take Back Our Republic was formed 2 years ago and is based out of Auburn, Alabama.

You can find more information, you can visit their site at http://takeback.org/