TIPS: Smart holiday shopping and smart holiday saving

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - As Christmas creeps in closer, holiday shopping has increased exponentially.

Courtesy: MGN
Courtesy: MGN

Below are some tips on ways to shop smart and ways to save:
Tip 1. Mid December is the best time to get discounts/deals on toys, shoes, accessories and kitchen appliances. (On or by December 16)
Tip 2. Beware of scams and fraud accounts when online shopping with a debit card.
Tip 3. Ask about return policies before you purchase, as they may fluctuate during the holidays.

Tip 1. Ask yourself, "Is it a need or a want?"
Tip 2. If it is a need, only bring cash and leave card at home leaving no room for extra spending.
Tip 3. If you are going to use credit, check your rates before you buy to ensure you are paying the lowest rate possible.

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