Sutton is new president of Alabama Sheriff's Association

Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson hands over the presidency of the Alabama Sheriff's Association to Coffee County Sheriff Dave Sutton. Photo from January 23, 2018.
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Montgomery (WTVY)- There’s a new president of the Alabama Sheriff’s Association---Coffee County Sheriff Dave Sutton. He was sworn in Tuesday night at the Association’s annual meeting in Montgomery.

“I’m elated I was selected, it’s an honor,” Sutton said afterwards.
In his 12th year as sheriff, Sutton knows the world is dangerous and believes law enforcement must work with those they protect to keep it safe. “I think we need to take that first step to make the world better,” he said.

When he retired from the military, Sutton knew he wanted another career---in law enforcement. He worked a few years in the Ozark Police Department. Then the military called again, and Sutton spent the next several years as Senior ROTC instructor in Enterprise.

He recalls a friend approaching him about running for sheriff. First unsure he wanted to tackle a political campaign, Sutton consulted with others and decided to seek the office.

Sutton replaces Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson as president of the Alabama Sheriff’s Association. Olson received a standing ovation from his peers for his work over the past 12 months.