Headland survivalist speaks about being stranded after local woman survived month in woods

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- It takes natural instinct to survive in the wilderness for a long time. That's the word today from Steven Riley who teaches survival. His comments come just days after Lisa Theris was found alive. She was apparently lost in a remote area of Bullock County for nearly a month. The sheriff's office says she survived by drinking muddy water and eating berries and mushrooms. Riley says he can't speak to the Theris case, but points out people lost in the woods sometimes panic.

"That’s where people get messed up is they tend to walk in a circles. Where if you can pick just one direction and go, there are very few places now, especially in Alabama, where you can't walk in one direction and find at least a major highway where you can wave down a car or something like that", said Riley.

Riley plans to teach a basic survival class in October in Headland. You can register by searching Facebook for Broken Arrow Survival or call (334) 798-9400.

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