Superintendent speaks out on Houston County report card grade

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - More and more superintendents are raising their voices on the way Alabama report cards were handled.

Houston County Schools Superintendent David Sewell is proud of his system's "B" average. But, he believes things could have been done differently to give them a higher score.

The formula did not account for poverty level or reasons from chronic absenteeism. Sewell says the system also spent time and money on school programs that were not included in the formula.

School's with a grade twelve were also compared to school's *without* a grade twelve, leaving another gray area.

"It's hard to judge a school on these items, there is a lot more that goes into judging a school. In Houston County, I believe all of our schools are good schools. The items they are being graded on is not fair to them,” said Sewell.

Overall, Houston County ranked 31st in the state out of nearly 140 schools.

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