Dothan Schools kickoff 2019 Super Citizen program

Libby Liberty gives students high fives at Dothan City Schools Super Citizen 2019 program kickoff. (Source: Liberty Learning Foundation)

The Liberty Learning Foundation believes that the children are our future.

That is why they brought the Statue of Liberty with them to Dothan High School Monday morning to teach over 200 elementary school students what it means to be a "super citizen."

The Liberty Learning Foundation has partnered with over 275 schools across the state of Alabama since 2011; putting civic education programs into the curriculum.

The foundation introduces these programs to students in second and fifth grade, as well as middle and high schoolers.

Program Director Tawanna Vickers explained to WTVY what some of the programs will be.

“They’ll learn civics. Some of the other lessons they will learn are character education; building their character. They’ll learn about financial literacy, some career readiness, helping them learn what they’re passionate about." She says.

The programs will go until December. In that time, students will nominate someone who they believe is a hero.

"That’s not a hero that they see on the NFL field or on the NBA basketball court. It’s people in their everyday lives. Their custodian, their crossing guard. A police officer, a fireman.” Vickers says.

And at the end of the program, the students will meet and celebrate their chosen hero.

Vickers says "we culminate this program with a celebration. We’ll come back and they’ll honor their heroes, and the students will actually take the stage and present their heroes with an award.”

Second Grade teacher Christa Glenn, of Hidden Lake Elementary, believes it is important that students participate in this program.

“They need that foundation of what our country was built and founded on. And as they get older and they do the program in fifth grade again and in the high school time, they will have a better understanding. When they graduate from high school they know how to be productive citizens of America.” Says Glenn.

The Liberty Learning foundation hopes that at the end of this program, students will have a better understanding of how America came to be the country that it is today, and that it will inspire them to be the next generation of super citizens.

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