Summertime brings overcrowding at animal shelters across tri-state area

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) Wiregrass Humane Society Shelter Manager Blake Bedsole is enjoying the dog days of summer.

“It’s what we call kitten and puppy season,” said Bedsole.

Bedsole says summertime is primetime for animals to have litters. Summer months also bring about a surge of strays, surrenders and lost pets.

‘We have had people tie animals to the porch, we have had them leave them in our truck,” said Bedsole.

Although the Wiregrass Humane Society isn’t overcrowded at the moment, they’re helping other animal shelters that are.

Case in point - Pike Animal Shelter in Troy. They are filled to capacity with more than 200 dogs and cats. To avoid euthanization, the Wiregrass Humane Society has taken in several of their dogs. Once spayed and neutered, they’ll be given a second chance at finding a forever home.

“Once those are complete at the 14 day hold is up, they’ll be available for adoption,” said Bedsole.

A bright side to all of this? Bedsole says pet adoptions generally go up during the summer.

“A lot of kids being out of school, they have a lot of free time and parents say this is a great time to show them some responsibility.”

He says, it’s four paws that can really make a home…feel like home.

“It makes a family a whole really.”

The Wiregrass Humane Society currently has about 100 dogs and cats up for adoption. Workers say they do need volunteers to walk dogs, as well as donations like cleaning supplies and pet food.

The Wiregrass Humane Society is also helping overcrowded shelters in Blakely, Georgia and the Florida Panhandle.

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