Students learn about crops at Harvest Heyday

Published: Oct. 24, 2019 at 6:40 PM CDT
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Landmark Park was an outdoor classroom for many students Thursday morning.

The park was filled with several displays--each teaching the students about a different crop.

After some quick pieces of information about pumpkins, the kids picked out a pumpkin of their own to later paint and take home with them.

Then it was on to the peanut patch, where students learned about one of the most frequently-grown crops around the Wiregrass. They saw how peanuts were harvested and dried. Students got to take a few raw peanuts with them on the way out.

Kids also learned about the rebound of cotton and the many things it's used in before venturing out into the cotton field to pick their own piece of cotton.

The most intriguing display for the students was the sugar cane display. After a host of funny faces due to the interesting taste of sugar cane juice, the kids given something a little bit better tasting. They chewed on pieces of sugar cane, and also got to try some cane sugar as well.

Harvest Heyday was a special hands-on learning experience for 500 kids. Some of which could go on to grow our food some day.