Panhandle students get a glimpse of the TV industry

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BONIFAY, Fl. (WTVY) - Lights, camera, action! Students at Bethlehem High School in Holmes County are exploring careers in television production for the first time.

The school has five academies students can take, such as business and agriculture. Stepping in front of a camera has given students like Kross Smith a different insight on how this industry works.

"It gives me a lot of respect for the people who actually do the news, like you guys,” said Smith. “If you see somebody mess up on national TV you think, "Oh I can do that!" But when you actually do it, you realize it's not just reading off a script. There is a lot more that goes into it."

The school was able to add a television production class through a matching fund provided by the state and a solutions company called Education Sports and Entertainment.

In total, the school received $30,000 worth of equipment to get the show started.
"I can see in the future some of these kids actually being on TV or being behind the camera,” said TV production teacher Sheila Richards. “They catch on quickly, a lot of times, quicker than I do!"

The nine students can receive 13 different certifications in television production. And, it qualifies as a fine arts credit. Smith says he never pictured himself taking a course like this, but…

"We’ve got so many programs, and it's a lot easier to find out what you're interested in high school here,” added Smith. “When you graduate, you already have an understanding of what you’re going to do, where you're going to go, and how you're going to get there."

The group plans on airing school announcements and starting a live sports stream later in the school year.

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