Students get a lesson on how to be safe behind the wheel

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GENEVA, Ala. (WTVY) -- With plenty of things competing for your attention throughout the day many of us don't think twice about using our phones even when we're behind the wheel.

Students participated in simulations to understand what it would be like to drive under the influence. (Source: WTVY)

Sysco is teaching Geneva High School the dangers of drinking and driving and how to be defensive drivers on the road.

"I mean it's a lot more than what my parents could've taught me, it's helping me understand like its better for us to learn this way then going out straight on the road," Gabriel Mills, 10th grader at Geneva High School said.

In addition to driving sober, students learned the rules of the road.

"Using that learner's permit whenever they get on the road and on their own they have an understanding what the rules are, how to conduct themselves and again as they gain that much needed experience and have practical tips they can use," Jeremy Burkett, Alabama State Trooper said.

Sysco and law enforcement agencies stressed the importance of defensive driving.

"They get a little bit of a different perspective, the driving course that we learned about today, the smith system, is about trucks, different driving rules and peripheral and why you shouldn't text and drive, some of the basic stuff," Mickey Bennett, principal Geneva High School said.

Students participated in simulations to understand what it would be like to drive under the influence.

"That everybody has blind spots and you could easily miss things that are always there," Shelby Trevino, 10th grade Geneva High School said.

"How to watch out for other drivers and not be as distracted and teaches you what distraction can do and how it can cause you to potentially be in an accident," Mills said.

Showing just how important learning these skills are now before they potentially face these situations on their own.

"It's very important, they need all the experience and all the knowledge they can gain before they get behind the wheel of an automobile," Bennett said.

There were several guest speakers at the event including Geneva Mayor Frankie Lindsey, Geneva Police Department and the Geneva County Sheriffs Office.

Today's program was offered to 10th graders at Geneva High School as they prepare to get their driver's licenses.

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