Students at Vivian B Adams School Take their Studies Outdoors

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OZARK, Ala. (WTVY) - "They can enjoy the scenery, the animals and whatever else"

Fall is in the air and weather permitting students at the Vivian B Adams School can enjoy a lesson outside in their new outdoor classroom.

"We anticipate using this quite a bit. We have a lot of adult students who this is an opportunity to get out and explore nature," said resource coordinator Susan Owens.

The idea came from the green house manager who saw the interest students had in the natural surroundings on campus.

This prompted Owens to apply for a Wiregrass Resource Conservation and Development grant.

The grant provided a wooden clubhouse right on the edge of the woods, but with several of the students being handicapped, they needed a handicap accessible ramp that the grant didn’t cover.

For Ken and Ann Penuel, this was an opportunity to help fill a need the school had.

"It just sounded like something that we would be interested in participating with them to make come to life for the kids," said Ken Penuel.

The family donated the money to gift the school with the ramps.

The donation is in memory of Martha R. Shelley and in honor of Sallie R. Brannon.

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