Students at Dothan City Schools are battling the heat at band camp

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Dothan, AL (WTVY) Band students at Northview High School in Dothan were practicing Monday in the heat.
Sweltering temperatures won't stop the show but they are slowing it down.

From the beating of the drum, to the sound of the trumpet….
Northview students are getting ready for football season.

Even with sizzling temperatures the show must go on.

Emery Gaunt is drum major.
Gaunt says:
"We've been encouraging our band to stay hydrated all summer. We start from the end of last year we're like ok stay hydrated because the water you drink yesterday and the day before is how you get hydrated for today and the next day."

Band members are equipped with water, energy drinks, ice, and wet towels to cool off.

At 10 this morning the temperature was 85 degrees.

Emery's body temperature was 97.4, pretty much normal.

But without precautions it would almost certainly been much higher and potentially dangerous or even deadly.

Emery, a senior leads the band through leadership.
"Every practice we have builds our stamina, because you know the games are hot there are a lot of people and we are wearing full uniforms it's not easy so yeah this for sure is like conditioning for us."

The first game is a month away so every minute counts but not at the expense of heat safety.
Larry Batchelor, Band Director at Northview High School says:
"Yeah you've got to get the kids ready, you'll hope they'll follow instructions we tell them all the time, we preach it we say drink water,drink water, drink water if they don't they are going to be hurting."

Upcoming 10th grader at Northview High School Morgan Hogan says: "This is my third year doing it so it's not new to me but it still hits you really hard."

Over at Dothan High they were practicing inside Monday morning.
They kept the comfortable for a while.
But by day's end they too were headed outside.

Adrian Broughton who is Band Director at Dothan High School says:
"We're definitely taking a ton of breaks, I've encouraged the kids to go out and get maybe a personal water vessel like a small Coleman jug or maybe a camel back which will really help out."

That means in just a few days, they'll be fit for a great half time show.

The first football game of the season is august 25th.

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