Student with medical disorder bullied at Selma Street School

Published: Sep. 9, 2019 at 6:39 PM CDT
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We hear about kids of all ages committing suicide after being bullied online too often.

Now one Wiregrass mother is taking action after she says her 11-year-old daughter was bullied.

This mother has a student with a medical disorder who attends Selma Street Elementary School.

She says her daughter was assaulted last year at school, and she says the bullying hasn't stopped.

It's to the point where the 6th grader has talked about taking her life.

So now, this mother is getting the police involved before it gets worse.

”She has sickle cell disease and when she was born it had attacked her eyes so her eye is lazy and that's where it started with them teasing her about her eye. Now it's at the next level. Now they want to harm her,” says Silvannia Waters.

Last week Silvannia tells us jokes about her daughter DD’s eyes turned into threats.

“One boy said he was going to shoot her. The other girl said she was going to kill her. The other boy said he had the gun to do these things,” says Waters.

Waters says the principal at Selma Street Elementary told her it was out of their hands since the messages were not sent during school.

“You would think you telling these things to a principal about her students in her school that she would take actions differently because this is serious,” says Waters.

Waters has filed a report with the police and says she plans to file charges.

“I'm going to stop it. It's not about her. It's about the next kid too. If they're not going to do anything with her I know they're not going to anything with the next kid,” says Waters.

Dothan investigators say the child who made the threat did not have a gun or access to one and advise parents to contact their child's school if they receive threats.

“If there is an issue where the school wasn't doing anything depending on the threats or the bullying that is happening to your child you can always consult with law enforcement,” says Investigator Morgan King,

Monday afternoon in a release to WTVY Dothan City Schools stated:

"Based on our investigation, the student's actions resulted in a class III consequence according to Dothan City Schools' code of conduct for students. We take all threats and bullying seriously in Dothan City Schools. Once it is known, we promptly begin an investigation and consequences are given based on the result of that investigation. Additionally, Dothan City Schools cannot release information on student discipline or an individual student."

For Waters, it's about making sure her child is safe.

“My goal, in the end, is to make sure DD is okay and DD gets justice for this because it's been too long. It's been two years almost,” says Waters.

While DCS says they can't release what measures were taken Waters tells us these students are still in class.

According to the Dothan City Schools' code of conduct the consequences of cyberbullying range from the parent or guardian notification to expulsion.