Student's account of Holmes County school bus crash

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BONIFAY, FL (WTVY) -- A bus crash on a dirt road in Bonifay sent more than 30 children to the hospital Monday morning.

Anastasia Schelaskey is in the 8th grade and was on the bus when it crashed. She said it all happened so fast, and she could tell the driver was losing control.

Investigators say the bus driver, Amanda Stephens,29 , was driving too fast for the road conditions, ran off the side of a small bridge and the bus overturned.

Once the bus crashed, Schelaskey was worried about the safety of not only her 5th grade brother, but the other students as well.

She said, "When it happened, I just, first thing I did was make sure that he was okay, and then try to stand up to get out, make sure all of the other ones were out of the bus."

Anastasia also says she doesn't want people to say that the bus driver is at fault.

There were no serious injuries in the crash.

Stephens has been cited for driving too fast for roadway conditions.

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