Student of the Month - Christian Drakes

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(WTVY) -- The Wiregrass has a new student of the month courtesy of WTVY and McDonald's.

WTVY & McDonalds Student of the Month for September 2019, Christian Drakes (Source: WTVY)

Christian Drakes is a senior at Dothan High where he excels in academics and plays football.

He's fairly new to the Dothan City School System coming from another county last year.

His teachers say he hit the ground running; quickly joining the student government association and getting involved with sports.

They say Christian is a model student who stands out amongst his peers.

When asked what he thought led to this award --"A lot of it comes from my mom. You know she just raised me and my brother up, and taught us to say, 'yes ma'am,' 'no ma'am,' 'yes sir,' 'no sir' those types of things Just keep doing right by people, having good manners, doing right by my students and my teachers and do the little stuff when no one's watching."

Christian is encouraging all students around the Wiregrass to act with integrity because you never know when we'll show up to your school to name you Student of the Month.

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