Strong wind and rain Sunday damages one Houston County woman's property

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Lots of rain this morning and showers moved through the Wiregrass Sunday.
Nothing severe - but for one woman in Houston county, a burst of strong wind knocked down a tree and power lines.

Carleen Cousins, Dothan resident says:
“The tree was all across the road and it went all up the driveway towards the home."

Carleen is counting her blessings - after a tree almost demolished her home.
Cousins says:
"I was sitting on the front porch grilling and i heard a very strong wind coming and something told me to run into the house.. Well i went into the house and then all of a sudden I heard a big crash."
She ran outside and...
"I saw that the tree had fallen in front of my property, my house that I'm renting... And it landed, the wires were lining- they were on my vehicle, they were on the ground- we could not come outside our apartment for a couple of hours."

She called 9-1-1 after the power went out.
“And it just surprised me because I learned now that when you hear wind like that- it's always best to take shelter."
Carleen says the Utilities Department came out and fixed the problem, but she learned something about those trees.
Wayne Shipes, Owner of Gray's Tree Service says:
"You need to watch pines, this certain time of year... The sap is low and the trees snap…any kind of weather that is real rough weather, just pines need to be taken down if they're near your home. If they are within reach of your home, take them down."

As for Carleen,
"I'm thankful cause material things you can get but I'm thankful that me, my neighbors and stuff and my grandbaby is safe."

Carleen has some roof damage and is still waiting to get her cable back on.
She's also contacted the Red Cross.

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