Stolen Telecommunication Equipment Recovered

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Fla. (WCSO) -- Police say this crime spree spreads across 3 states. The man is accused of stealing equipment from Century Link and AT&T businesses over the past several weeks.

"There's something not working in one of our cross boxes, so they went out to investigate and it was obvious that a theft had taken place." AT&T Regional Director of External Affairs, Ray Walker said.

Investigators say similar cases were discovered across Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

The burglary started on July 2nd, when Washington County Sheriff, Kevin Crews received a call from an employee at Century Link. Investigators immediately got to work on the case.

"We were dealing with AT&T and some of their technician, through some surveillance, covert surveillance techniques utilized we're able to get a vehicle identified," Washington County Sheriff, Kevin Crews said.

It was a rental car that led them to Carl Edmondson. With help from multiple law enforcement agencies, Edmondson was pulled over in Dale County. Deputies found some of the stolen equipment inside his car.

"As a result of that search warrant, this is what you see that came out of this guy. He was living in about a 29-foot camper up there in Alabama. So this is what we were able to recover from his residence up there," Sheriff Crews said.

This telecommunications equipment recovered can range from 4 to 10 thousand dollars each... It's used to deliver high-speed internet, DSL, and phone services.

They're still not sure how much was stolen. The companies involved are just relieved it's over.

"It's always good to know that a threat has been taken off the streets and really my main emotion is gratitude o the sheriff's department. They followed through on this and helped us and we worked with them, just couldn't be happier with the way that its turned out and how well they have handled things to this point," Walker said.

Investigators are unclear on the motive, but they do believe Edmondson has some type of background or knowledge of this equipment.

Sheriff Crews says his office has additional leads in this case, what they believe will lead to more charges in additional counties.

Edmondson was booked in the Dale County Jail on Washington County warrant for burglary of an unoccupied structure and grand theft.

Right now he is resisting extradition to Florida.

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