Steven Reed kicks off historic inauguration weekend

Montgomery Mayor-Elect Steven Reed kicked off his historic weekend at his alma mater, Jeff Davis High School. (Source: WSFA 12 News)
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Montgomery Mayor-Elect Steven Reed has a weekend full of activities. He started off his day pretty early at Jefferson Davis High School with a rally in his honor.

Dozens of community members gathered at Reed's alma mater before breaking out to other MPS schools to start cleaning up their campuses. The band performed for Reed and members of the community, and although it looked and sounded like a party, Reed says that that's not what this weekend is all about.

“This weekend is full of various events, a lot of them based in our community around service, because that’s what we really want to do," said Reed. "Those are the things that really make this city what it is. It’s our faith, it’s our loyalty and its our dedication to improve Montgomery.”

Reed says he doesn’t want these events to be about him. He wants to focus on moving the community forward.

“It’s really about saying, ‘Thank you’ to everyone in the community for their support, for the work they continue to do in the city and the election is over we’re together now and we want to build this city and move forward in a positive manner,“ said Reed.

He continued to say more people came out than expected. Some of those people in attendance say this was an historic and learning opportunity they did not want to miss.

“It was important that I brought my children out to commemorate the event. I want to make sure they were here on site for the first start of the rally,” said Montgomery resident Carlton James.

“We decided to come out today because it is a historical day in the city of Montgomery. Also to support the mayor who is in support of education. I’ve been in education for 26 years and to have a mayor that will come out to say that he publicly supports education, we’ve decided at McKee Middle School that we want to rally behind him, and let him know that we appreciate everything and that we‘re there for him,” said Montgomery Public Schools educator Vincent Johnson.

Reed says this was also a good opportunity to get students involved.

“We want them to know that it’s important to be about service, to invest in their community and to do more for others than they are asking for people to do for themselves," said Reed. "I want to make sure that regardless of where a student lives, regardless of their socioeconomic status that doesn’t define what opportunities they have if they are student here in MPS.”

Reed’s inauguration ceremony will be held Tuesday.

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