State senator tells Republican Executive Committee about future of Common Core

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - The Alabama State Senate approved a bill to end Common Core in schools last week.

State Senator Donnie Chesteen told people at the Republican Executive Committee meeting tonight about his decision to vote against the Common Core Standards.

Alabama is one of 41 states that currently use the Common Core Standards.

Common Core was designed to help better prepare students for math and reading in college.

Senator Chesteen, who used to be a teacher, told the crowd he's been disappointed with Alabama’s test scores in math and reading.

He says that despite putting hundreds of millions of dollars more into education, the scores have plummeted, so something needs to be changed.

He hopes the state board of education can find a solution.

"We're at the bottom, and I think it would be wise if those who are developing this new policy would visit some of the states that have moved the needle and are getting good outcomes now,” said Chesteen. “Their scores are going up and learn from their best practices."

The bill passed through the senate on a 23-7 vote. It will now move to the state house.

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