State Superintendent Applauds Wiregrass Schools

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Jan. 11, 2019 at 5:50 PM CST
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A key leader in the future of students in Alabama spent most of his day in Geneva County.

State Superintendent, Eric Mackey, was in the Wiregrass to visit several schools.

Superintendent Mackey focused on how G-tech is a really special program that hasn't been replicated anywhere else in the state. Then, he visited several schools, which he says are great examples for every district in the state

This isn't the first time Dr. Mackey has been in a classroom, but he wasn't here to teach as he has in the past. It was all about observing.

"We have seen a lot of things today that we would love to spread all across this great country because again we see these committed teachers who are working one on one with students and doing great things," said Dr. Mackey.

The Geneva City Schools Superintendent couldn't agree more.

"This is where the action happens, where the rubber meets the road where all the things that happen in Montgomery actually take place in those classrooms," said Ron Snell, Geneva City Schools Superintendent.

What makes these classrooms special, are teachers that Dr. Mackey says truly engage with their students.

"Such an honor to have him visit our school system to see what day to day life is in the classroom," said Kellie Fulford, Geneva Middle School teacher.

Geneva middle school achieved a “B” rating.

"We still have things that we want to strive to improve and within those hard work ethics that we have here, we are going to continue to reach those goals," said Danny Bedsole, Geneva Middle School Principal.

"Certainly there's a level of community support, a level of engagement here that everyone would want to immolate I think,” said Mackey.

After visiting Geneva Middle School, the group finished with lunch at G-tech. Geneva city schools have a b-average rating. The highest performing school in Geneva County is Slocumb Elementary, which received an "A" rating.