Stacey's Law sparking change at Panama City Beach

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Beach laws are changing and it's all thanks to one woman whose tragic loss prompted her action. Panama City Beach Council unanimously passed their beach safety ordinance.

The new law will allow both fire and police officials to fine individuals who disobey the rules when there are double red flags. And the creator of Stacey's Law, Alisha Redmon tells WTVY she's just getting started.

Alisha Redmon couldn't hide her emotions as the council passed a law that could help save many lives.

"Oh my gosh, I was so excited if I jumped up they probably would've kicked me out. It was like finally a little bit of a relief, it's a start but it was a huge load because now there is consequences," creator of Stacey's Law, Alisha Redmon said.

Just 2 months ago her husband, Stacey, drowned saving a child he didn't know during double red flags. And with Stacey's Law she is trying to make sure something like that never happens to another family.

"I'm hoping it'll save quite a few, like when he died there was eight that week, that's ridiculous. I feel like this here, it's not one hundred percent, nothing is but i think its going to make a huge impact not only at Panama City Beach but all over the state," Alisha Redmon said.

The new law will give officers the authority to arrest individuals if necessary and people will be warned and then fined between $200 and $500.

But it doesn't stop here for the Redmon family, the next steps, getting Stacey's Law officially approved.

"Because if you put an ordinance law like blah blah blah number to it, that doesn't mean anything to me or you. But if you put Stacey's Law and his face on it there's a story, he died but the story doesn't stop there, the story is continuing and everyone can be apart of the story," Alisha Redmon said.

Alisha Redmon hopes that these next steps in the law include an increased lifeguard presence on the beaches and life saving devices.

The Panama City Beach Council will meet again Tuesday with Bay County officials to discuss new safety measures.

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