Spring days means busy days for lawn services

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DOTHAN, AL. (WTVY) - The first day of Spring marks the beginning of the busy season for many outdoor businesses.

Many landscapers and lawn care services are seeing a significant increase in business with the weather warming up.
The winter months are slower for business, but they also allow the companies to catch up with more detailed projects.

"We're always happy when February and March start to roll back around. We'll see differences around 5-6 times more in dollars between January and March. We're always happy to see spring come," said Bryant's Outdoor Equipment Owner Bryant Faulk.

"I'll say March we start kicking off; it's about 80 percent, " said Sibley Lawn Care Owner Joshua Sibley. "Then April, May we're crazy and wide open. It's non-stop pedal to the metal."

Peak season runs from now through May then levels off a bit during the hotter summer months.

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