Students receive a special visit from Ft Rucker soldiers

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HARTFORD, Ala. (WTVY) — Students at Geneva County Elementary School got a special visit Thursday that put a big smile on their faces.

Every year, the school invites parents and grandparents to sit down and eat with the students before Christmas break. Unfortunately, some children don't have family to join them at the lunch table, but the school came up with a solution.

"Let’s invite somebody who I think they would enjoy and love, and who better than our service,” said Deborah Justice.

A group of soldiers from Fort Rucker joined the kids for lunch. While the purpose was to uplift the children during the holiday season, well, it had the same effect on the men and women in uniform.

"Nobody needs to feel alone on the holidays,” said Chris Truax, a military police investigator at Ft Rucker. “Anything to put a smile on the kids’ faces and give them someone to talk to and be themselves, it's always a good time."

"We always think this is a wonderful time of the year, but sometimes we forget that it's not so wonderful for some of our kids,” added Justice, with tears in her eyes. “I'm sure some of these soldiers are missing their families also."

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