Southeast Health Gets New Dining Options

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) The cafeteria will close in just four days.

There won't be any food prepared or eaten there for the next 18 to 24 months, but the hospital has a plan.

The renovation will upgrade everything from plumbing to the furniture.

For the past 6 weeks, the staff has been working to make this a smooth transition.

"We have been preparing a menu that allows us to take the advantage of technology as well as new cooking methods that our chef has brought to us to be able to deliver to our patients a great menu even when our entire cafeteria is shut down," says the vice president of support services Meredith Holland.

All the meals will be prepared in temporary kitchens but...

"From a patients perspective they will never know the difference," she adds.

But what everyone will see are some obvious changes…

The fast-food restaurants onsite will expand their menus and hours, there will be a new grab and go and on Monday a food truck park will open offering hotdogs to hibachi.

Some of the food truck vendors include Earnie's Hotdogs and Snowcones, KJ's Shack and Cal and Al's.

"This is a chance of a lifetime to just get somewhere like that at the medical center, and who knows they might keep us out there all of the time,” says John Bennett the owner of KJ’s Shack.

KJ’s Shack and Earnie's Hotdog and Snowcones bought new trucks so they can serve the hospital and their usual customers.

"it's given us an opportunity to expand. This trailer has flat top grills, two fryers, oven, and a stovetop,” says Earnie Faulk Jr. the owner of Earnie's Hotdog and Snowcones.

Thanks to the new kitchen more food options are available but don't worry you can still get your snow cones.

"We've said here at southeast health for the last 18 months that food makes people happy so want to make we are delivering on them good quality food at price point they can afford," says Holland.

In September a fully licensed Starbucks will open at the hospital.

These new options are open to everyone.

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