South Alabama Cotton Yields down for 2017

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HARTFORD, Al. (WTVY) - Alabama had its third best cotton crop ever.
But the Wiregrass isn't celebrating.

At a large cotton gin, Brad Smith sees lots of cotton bales.

The South Alabama plant may be the biggest in the area - but the crop is not.
Brad Smith, Location Manager for Sowega Cotton Gin says:
"It's down around 15,000 bales here and around 25,000 bales in Georgia."

What's to blame?
"Here in the Wiregrass basically due to Irma and a couple of other weather events."

Farmers are feeling a double hit.
Yields are down and production costs are up.
"It's mixed reaction I mean in certain areas they are doing really well and other areas, it's way off."

97 percent of cotton grown in the Wiregrass is already harvested.
Smith finishes with:
"The last 3 percent is the slowest due to the weather, we'll probably wrap up here in the next 2 weeks we hope."

They also hope 2018 will be better.

The Wiregrass does have one crop to celebrate.
The peanut yield was above average because peanuts were picked before any weather event.

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