Some parents want answers after Daleville City Schools report card.

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DALEVILLE Ala.(WTVY)- One school system isn't starting the New Year off right after their report cards were posted.

Daleville High School received a letter grade C.

It's the same as last year but dropped thirteen points on academic growth.

Dropped two points on graduation rates, and improved by one point on academic performance.

They also dropped four points on college and career readiness and increased two points on chronic absenteeism.

Windham Elementary School had a C on their state report card last year and this year they dropped to an F.

Dropping ten points on academic achievement, and twenty points on academic growth.

But they had a three-point increase in chronic absenteeism.

Windham Elementary School held their second parent meeting tonight for parents to express their concerns.

Parents in this room have one thing in common.
They want answers on why Windham Elementary school dropped almost two letter grades this year.

Richard Frye has a granddaughter that attends Windham Elementary School and he says, "We were hoping to hear something that reinforced a positive outcome but was very disappointed.”

But what they heard tonight still didn't put this grandfather at ease.

"We're very concerned our granddaughter is in first grade she's starting out her school year. She starts out her education and were fully engaged on making sure she has the best opportunity for a good education, it doesn't seem she's getting that right here."

About fifty parents attended the meeting and for one mother her main concern was to understand how the problem came about.

Windham Elementary School Parent Jamilla Wise said, "My position and my goal here was to get a better understanding on how we got to this grade and certainly what I can do to help my student and even the community to help change it."

And other parents even started to question are they doing everything they can to help out as well.

Windham Elementary School Parent Billy Dasinger said, "Like I said I’m not I can do a lot better? Are your kids participating in too many extra-curricular? Are they staying up all night playing video games? Are we sending them in here tired? Are we sending the best available student to the school? I think that is our job. We’re in this just as much if not more than the teachers and they need our support."

The Daleville School System is taking responsibility for schools' failing report cards, and Principal Chris Mitten of Windham Elementary School says, they have a plan to improve their grade.

"We're taking a deeper dive into all of the data and we're looking into every single individual student. Looking at resources that we did not have last year and have made adjustments to make sure that our students understand how to answer those questions in that test format."

The school system hopes by having additional resources it will help increase the scores next year.

The State Department will meet with the school system at the beginning of next month to see what resources are available to help the students

Daleville City Schools report cards aren’t so good this year.

Daleville City Schools are struggling this year after report card grades were released.

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