Solar Eclipse Viewing from 3500 feet

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WTVY) — Many who could see the eclipse watched from the ground.
A few though witnessed the rare event from the air.
And one was Meteorologist Caroline Ritter who was excited but a bit disappointed.

Larry Smith says:
"I've got my t-shirt, I've got my glasses, not these...but i'm stoked and ready to go..."

Larry Smith has spent countless hours flying.

That's why he was pumped about a chance to witness a solar eclipse---from the air.

Les Brusse, a 50 year veteran pilot shared the excitement.

Brusse says:
"I just love the freedom of being in the air and seeing the ground from the air seeing the air from the air."

Bruce and Smith took me up 3500 feet to witness the eclipse.

Brusse says:
"I've not seen night and day happen that quickly."

For Smith this was extra special---a reminder of what sparked his interest in aviation.
"I saw my eclipse when i was five years old and it made a huge effect on me and on my life and I’ve been chasing them ever since."

Things didn't turn out as hoped.
Clouds and thunderstorms limited the view.

But spirits weren't dampened because history was still witnessed.
Smith says:
"To me it's the awesomeness of the celestial display that really grabbed ya."

Smith hopes interest in the solar eclipse peeks interest in aviation.
"There's not another generation of pilots behind us, so all we can do to affect filling that void that we know is coming we try and do..."

And even with the clouds this eclipse will leave a lasting impact.
No matter where it was witnessed.

The experimental aircraft association of enterprise will host their young eagle's day in November. They hope events like this one will inspire people to become pilots.

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