Snow and ice make for bad driving conditions in Denver

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DENVER (CBS4) – DENVER (CBS4)– The snow was predicted for Thursday but the freezing rain mixed with frigid temperatures and topped with snow, combined to make a dangerous morning commute.

On Wednesday, temperatures in the Denver metro area peaked at 66 degrees. When the snow started to fall overnight, most melted on impact. But as the surfaces cooled, the melted snow froze. That topped with more snow created slick conditions for driving.

“Colder air moved in from the north,” said CBS4 Meteorologist Ashton Altieri. “What melted on the ground, started to freeze. That created a very thin layer of ice underneath the snow. The snow was able to grab on to the ice, and it created a very slick and traitorous environment for driving this morning.”

One driver lost their life in the morning commute after the vehicle she was in rolled over. Several other cars ended up on the sides of the interstates and roads after morning collisions.

“The roads are pretty icy, and everyone is remembering how to drive again in the snow,” one Denver resident said.

Some told CBS4 they rode their bicycles to work Wednesday. However, with the snow on Thursday, they elected to ski through downtown instead.

“You can’t really (ski) that often in Denver. You have to take advantage of it when it’s out here,” the resident said.