Slocomb woman making care packages for deployed Wiregrass soldiers

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SLOCOMB, Ala. (WTVY) — In August, about 160 men and women with Dothan's Army National Guard Engineer Company went overseas.
12 of those are from the Hartford and Slocomb communities.
A Slocomb woman is teaming up with members of those communities to show their support.

While the soldiers are trained to always be ready for deployment, families are not.

Slocomb resident Paula Segrest's nephew was one of a dozen from Slocomb and Hartford sent overseas.
"And when my nephew went over there, it kind of lit the fire under me, I prayed about it and um when I prayed about it the Lord said there is more over there besides Khalid that's in your community so that's why I picked up the 12."

It all started with a Facebook post asking for help putting together care packages.
Paula says the community response has been overwhelming, and she often finds supplies left on her doorstep.

"oh it's awesome and there was 3 bags slammed full of stuff and I didn't even know who it was from."

Segrest's neighbor, Mallorie Hinson, volunteered to be the first drop-off location.
Now, she's one of many.

Mallorie is the owner of Red Top Barber Shop and she says:
"It just shows that you care and that you appreciate what they are doing for our country and for us they're sacrificing themselves so we don't have to do that."

Segrest hopes to send out 1 care package a month...
"My motive in this is to bless our soldiers, to help them get the things that they can't get there or maybe they run out of the stuff in the PX but I also hope that other communities will see us doing this and will do it for their soldiers."

Segrest will send out the first round of packages Saturday, November 4th.
Right now, the biggest need is medical supplies.

For the month of December, they will need baked goods for the packages.

The drop off locations are as follows--
Dollar General Market Place
Food Giant
Dalton's Pharmacy
Redtop Barber Shop
Friend Bank
First National Bank
City Hall
Water Department
Keel Kustom Kreations

Hartford Police Dept.
Daltons' Pharmacy
First National Bank
Friend Bank

Fadette Convenience Store

Friend Bank
Janice's Salon

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