Slocomb tomato crop ripening right on schedule

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) Business is beginning to pick up at Aplin Farms.

“The tomato crop is on schedule,” said Aplin Farms owner John Aplin.

Aplin says he’s been fielding hundreds of calls about his crops of highly-sought after Slocomb tomatoes.

“We do have a few that are getting ready and we should open U-Pick next week,” he said.

The farm grows more than 200 varieties of vegetables, but the vine-ripe tomatoes are their specialty. Aplin says it’s the farm’s approach to growing and harvesting that sets the Slocomb tomato apart from others.

“We’ve got about 10 acres of tomatoes," said Aplin. "We plant them in intervals of two weeks. So every two weeks we plant two, two and a half acres, so that we have tomatoes all the way through the season for June, July and part of August.”

Good weather has helped produce a bountiful first crop. Every tomato is hand-picked and only handled once to prevent bruising, something that Aplin says helps maintain the quality of the Slocomb-grown brand.

“Whether it’s me or one of the other local farmers, always buy local because you’re getting a fresher product and you know where it comes from.”

Just ask any customer, the reward is a tasty flavor only a vine-ripened tomato can deliver.

Aplin Farms is planning to open U-Pick on Monday, June 5th.

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