Slocomb Fire and Rescue gets rewarded for their hard work

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SLOCOMB, Ala. (WTVY) -- People in Slocomb may start saving money on their homeowners insurance come November.

Slocomb Fire and Rescue just achieved a pretty big milestone.

They've improved their Insurance Services Office rating from a 4 to a 2, putting them in the top 3 percent of over 47,000 fire stations in the U.S.

"First of all, practically, it's just a tremendous day for the city of Slocomb, particularly Slocomb Fire and Rescue," said Slocomb Mayor Rob Hinson.

Fire Chief Kyle Hovey says the ratings increase is all about response times.

“A structure fire basically doubles in size every minute, so the quicker you can have a fire truck there, have water on the fire and have adequate personnel there to put the fire out, complete the salvage and overhaul and stop the loss,” said Hovey.

While the rating bump is great for the fire department, it might also have a good impact on anyone living in Slocomb’s fire district.

It could save everyone money on their insurance premiums.

"They inform our insurance companies on how to charge based on the expertise of the fire department," said David Schutz of Schutz Insurance Agencies.

Schutz says the way it works is that by having a higher rating, the fire department will inevitably keep more damage from happening, which will reduce the amount an insurance company has to pay per incident.

He said he could see it saving the average homeowner between $150 and $200 a year on their premium.

Slocomb Fire wants to maintain their new rating, and Chief Hovey says they need a little more funding to keep their paid firemen.

He's proposing a $35 annual fee to do so, which he thinks is a small price to pay for the amount everyone in-turn will be saving on their insurance.

"I encourage everyone to call their insurance company and see what the rating that comes into effect November first of this year,” said Hovey. See how much they will save them, and compare that to the 35 dollar fee."

Chief Hovey says his next step is to get a few more signatures on his petition so the fee can be added to November's ballot.

To learn more about the petition, send a message to Slocomb Fire and Rescue’s Facebook page:

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