Shovels hit the dirt at Midland City Elementary for ground-breaking of new gym

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MIDLAND CITY, Ala. (WTVY) - There will be plenty of construction going on at Midland City Elementary this summer.

The Dale County School District broke ground on a new gym project Sunday afternoon.

"This gym will impact so many students’ lives,” said Midland City Elementary P.E. Teacher Adam Littlefield. “Not only this year, but for so many years to come."

Every time it rains, or gets too cold, Adam Littlefield has to bring his P.E. students inside and sit them in a classroom during gym class, but by the start of next school year, that won't be the case.

The school district broke ground on a new gymnasium for Midland City Elementary.

"It's going to help us incorporate more fundamental activities that are going to prepare them for middle school athletics, and also high school athletics,” said Littlefield.

Midland City's gym makes three that the school district has built in the past few years.

It will cost them $1.2 million, and they hope to have it finished before kids go back to school.

"We were able to do this through tightening the budget, and also by re-financing our bonds at a lower interest rate and cashing out some of that equity, so this is at no extra cost to the tax-payer,” said Dale County Schools Superintendent Ben Baker. “That's a win-win."

Dale County Schools has spent around $6.5 million on three gyms and other projects since Baker took over as superintendent, placing quite an emphasis on physical education. No one appreciates it more than the kids.

"We will have an exciting new place to go exercise and play,” said a Midland City Elementary student. “Thank you for coming to celebrate with us."

During his speech at the ground-breaking, the superintendent mentioned their next project will be adding a parking lot to Dale County High School.

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