Enterprise Career and Tech Center students launch healthcare career

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WTVY) -- Several students at the Enterprise Career and Technology Center are well on their way to a future career in healthcare.

Cindy Quisenberri, the health science instructor says "I mean the sky is the limit for them."

They took part in the Health Science Internship Pinning ceremony, an opportunity to be recognized for graduating with healthcare certifications.

Instructor Cindy Quisenberri has been part of the honor for seven years.
This was her last pinning ceremony as she is retiring.
She is proud of what her kids have accomplished.

Quisenberri says "I've thoroughly enjoyed the kids, I love the kids. I feel like that was my mission in life that, that was the purpose that God had me here so that maybe I could make a change in their lives".

For the students, receiving their pins means they are just one step closer to their goal.

Celeste Segura says "I was excited, because in my family, I'm going to be the first to graduate, my dream was also to become a nurse and today coming in and getting pinned for a CAN was just very inspiring to me to continue forward and just go for the path towards nursing".

Not only are the students walking away with certifications, they are also walking away with experience in the healthcare field.

Amy Johnson says "We've gotten a lot under our belts, just exposure to everything around us, the healthcare field in general and there is so much that we have with what's under our belts so that we can go off and be confident in the healthcare field".

So just what’s next for these students?

Johnson says "I am going to school in Troy for my nursing but I'm hoping to find a job whilst I am in school with my PCT which is really helpful because then I get experience in the healthcare field so that's pretty cool"

Segura says "I'm planning on attending Wallace for 2 years in the RN program and then I plan to transfer to a 4 year university, most likely Troy because of the nursing program there and become a nurse practitioner".

They sky is certainly the limit for these graduates.

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