Several areas suffered severe damage in Holmes County

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CARYVILLE, Fla. (WTVY) - While the home off of Parker Road in Holmes County saw severe damage...
The tornado also struck a few homes along Horseshoe Loop and off of Sod Road.
There were also reports of downed trees and power lines in Caryville, Florida.

The American Red Cross went around to the houses damaged.
They were able to assist the needs of others by giving them food, water, and blankets.

Heather Clark-Sellers, with the American Red Cross says:
"We've only had that I know of, one injury...she required 7 stitches that I'm aware of but other than that everybody's been good about making it out okay."

Volunteers are still needed in Holmes County in repairing damaged homes.
If you know of any other damages from this weekend's storm in your area, you can contact your local emergency operations center.

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