Senior citizens beat the heat

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- When the sun is high, the heat is stifling and we're all at-risk for heat exhaustion or heat stroke, but the young, elderly and those working outside are the most vulnerable.

"I love the outside but I know I’m limited when the heat is there," said Ida Henry.

So Ida Henry and Rose Taylor escape by coming to the Rose Hill Senior Center enjoying what they do best - quilting and sewing

"Thank God for the air conditioning," said Henry.

For Rose - when she's out gardening - her other hobby...she stays in the shade.

"Sometimes I get me a cloth and put it around my head it helps keep me cool," said Taylor.

"I stay in the house most of the time now because the heat is really beating me down," said Dreamer.

And dreamer says he's lucky he can afford to crank up the AC.

"Being healthy is number one, not the money," said Dreamer.

But for those who don't have air conditioning - "It's terrible, I feel sad for them but I thank God for Rose Hill and I thank God for the places that have set aside for people to go," said Henry.

Nurse Practitioner Ben Sneed says fans help inside and make sure you are hydrating and wear light clothing outside.

But be aware of changes that could cause big problems.

If you're experiencing weakness, nausea, vomiting, headache, and light headiness - It could be heat exhaustion.

"Someone that becomes lethargic and confused - they definitely need to get to the emergency room as soon as possible, or if they just stop sweating and if it seems like they aren't getting any better after taking them to a cool room," said Sneed.

Back in the cool room - Ida and Rose are making progress on their projects-

"I love the summer but I really love the winter," said Henry.

"We got it coming don't we?"

But before then, lots of sun and heat. So if you're heading to the pool or outdoor gatherings, don't forget your water and get inside if you don't feel good.

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