Senators expect wide support for their farm bill, unsure how House will react

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- While Wednesday offered more hope that a new Farm Bill will be in place by September 30th, there's still uncertainty.

Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry. Wednesday, his committee passed its version of the Farm Bill with an overwhelming 20-1 bipartisan vote.

Roberts says he expects the full Senate to pass the bill by the July 4th, but isn't so certain about what the House -- which is working on its own bill -- will do.

Roberts said of the House bill, “That bill is different. It will be a totally partisan bill which I think is unfortunate, but that’s where the House wants to go.”

Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), the committee's ranking member, said she's also concerned how the House will react and that it could delay the process.

Stabenow said, “One option would be for the House to simply pass the Senate bill. Either way, this needs to get done.”

The current Farm Bill expires on September 30th, and Roberts says the number one thing farmers want at this point is certainty.

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