Senate hopeful Doug Jones mostly mum on Moore during Dothan stop

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Dothan (WTVY)-- U.S. Senate hopeful Doug Jones mostly kept embattled opponent Roy Moore out of his conversation Friday when Jones appeared in Dothan. However, he couldn’t resist one barb.

U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones speaks to supporters in Dothan. Photo from November 17, 2017.

Speaking to supporters regarding the differences between him and Moore, Jones told supporters gathered at Hunt’s Restaurant “I don’t think there’s a greater contrast. Wait a minute, I take that back, there is a greater contrast between me and Roy Moore.” The comment generated laughter.

Later, when Jones spoke to reporters, he didn’t address allegations of sexual misconduct recently made against his Republican foe. However, he said a revealed photo of U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota) groping a female talk show host in 2006 should be investigated.

“I think that’s a serious matter like other instances going on around the country (an apparent reference to Moore). (Franken) has to answer for (for the photo). I think we have to empower all women to come forward and talk about these issues,” Jones said.

It’s unclear whether possible weakening of Moore’s campaign due to the allegations—Moore has denied them--- generated Jones trip to Dothan. The Wiregrass area has traditionally been a Moore stronghold.

However, statewide, recent polls show Jones, a Democrat, leading or closely contesting his rival while others show Moore still ahead by a comfortable margin. The election will be December 12.

Jones is a former U.S. Attorney whose successful prosecution of two men for a 1963 church bombing that killed children won him national acclaim.