Sen. Doug Jones introduces civil rights cold cases bill

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( — Sen. Doug Jones Tuesday introduced a bill his office says will pave the way for the release of records pertaining to civil rights era cold cases.

The Civil Rights Cold Case Records Collection Act of 2018 would require the National Archives and Records Administration to create a collection of government documents related to civil rights cold cases and to make those documents available to the public, Jones' office announced today.

"Having prosecuted two civil rights cold cases in Alabama, I know firsthand the importance of having every available piece of information at your disposal," Jones said.

According to Jones' office, the bill would:
► Require the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to establish a collection of cold case records about unsolved criminal civil rights cases that government offices must publicly disclose in the collection without redaction or withholding.

► Establish a Civil Rights Cold Case Records Review Board as an independent agency of impartial private citizens to facilitate the review, transmission to NARA, and public disclosure of government records related to such cases.

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