'See you at the Pole" national day of prayer

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Across the country, students and parents came to school a little early Wednesday morning for a moment of prayer. The global event is called "See you at the Pole,” it began in 1990 with only ten students.

Now millions of Americans are taking part in the experience. Hand in hand, parents, students and faculty members joined for a moment of prayer outside Highlands Elementary School by the flag pole.

"We were excited to go,” said fifth grade student Scarlett Kenward. “We have never experienced something like this so it’s a really great opportunity to pray and learn more."

See you at the Pole is the global day of student prayer. Around 100 people gathered Wednesday morning for worship. Because of the separation between church and state, prayer is not offered in class. That is why moments like these are so important for Highlands’ educator Rachel Shupp.

"The school is still supporting the church and the churches are still supporting the schools. Even if it's just once a year, it's showing that support still exists,” added Shupp.

The purpose is to teach kids they can pray anytime, anywhere, not just at church or on Thanksgiving.

"There are many things to God, you can't just get to heaven by praying and going to church, you have to really speak to him,” added Kenward.

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