Schoolgirls, adults killed and hurt in mass stabbing in Japan

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Kawasaki, Japan (APTN / NBC News Channel) -- Officials in Japan say a man carrying a knife in each hand and screaming "I will kill you!" attacked a group of schoolgirls and adults as he walked toward a bus stop just outside Tokyo Tuesday, killing two and injuring 16 before killing himself.

Most of the victims were elementary school girls who were lined up at a bus stop in the city of Kawasaki when a man in his 50's began slashing them with knives.

City officials, quoting police, said that the suspect was captured but died from a self-inflicted cut to the neck.

Police wouldn't confirm specifics about the attacker.

His identity and motive weren't immediately known.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe described the fatal stabbing spree as harrowing, adding that he is outraged and will take all necessary measures for children's safety.

Although Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, it has had a series of high-profile killings, including in 2016 when a former employee at a home for the disabled allegedly killed 19 and injured more than 20 others.