School supplies needed for the less fortunate

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HOUSTON COUNTY, Al. (WTVY) People are shopping for back to school, as some classes begin in a few days.

Courtesy: MGN Online
Courtesy: MGN Online

It’s just having all that new stuff that you have when school starts”, said Leslie Kelly, the Director for the Houston County Department of Human Resources.

Some children have empty backpacks though and the department of human resources is trying change that for the children that they serves.

"We heard that there was a need and so we're just really trying reach out to these kids and let them know the community cares and give them the supplies they need.", said Jennie McCraney of McCraney Construction.

D.H.R. recently received about 75 backpacks but four times that many are needed.

"We would love to be able to provide something, if not everything for every child that is under our umbrella, so we're looking at 300 plus kids", said Kelly.

The demand for school supplies is increasing.

"Just since January alone i think we've probably had upwards of 70 children enter into our care", said Kelly

Children who deserve all the tools needed for a good education.

"What we need is pens, paper, notebooks, highlighters", said Kelly.

"Every little bit makes a big difference in the child's life when it comes to feeling comfortable and being successful when you go to school", said Brian McCraney of McCraney Constructions.

You can help by donating school supplies and backpacks. There is two drop off points, the department of human resources next to the Houston County Farm Center. You can also drop off donations at the WTVY studios. We're located at 285 North Foster street in downtown Dothan.

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