School dismissals and delays for Solar Eclipse event

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) Alabama

Dothan City
Viewing will only take place within the schools via live stream broadcast.
Parents that opt to keep their children at home can provide a note requesting an excused absence.
Due to the timing of the event, dismissal will be delayed until 3:05 p.m.

Houston County
Closing at 11:00 am.

Henry County
Closing at 11:00 am.

Dale County
Will allow students with parent permission and teacher supervision to observe eclipse.
Some will livestream; some will go out to see it, school provided proper eyewear.

Ozark City
Purchased the glasses for every school.
Permission forms sent to every parent. Science lesson, some kids will live stream inside.
OCS plan to be outside and take advantage of opportunity.

Enterprise City
All schools participating, permission slips sent out.
Teachers will live stream indoors for students who do not have permission from parents.

Geneva City
Kids in the Student Government Association pulled money and got glasses for every child and employee.
Sent home permission forms, they should be sent back this Friday.
They plan to go outside with teachers or live stream on smart boards in classrooms without windows.

Geneva County
Any school or teacher who has purchased the glasses, they will take students to view the eclipse with signed permission forms.
For the others, stream it online in the auditoriums and libraries.
If they check out to see eclipse with families, students will be excused.

Andalusia City
Kids will make their own eyewear with cereal boxes.
Letting teachers decide if they’d like to be outside.
They won’t be looking directly at the sun.

Eufaula City
Staying in school.
Several things in place, they will use safety glasses, using the guidelines from NASA.
Permission slips sending home to each student.
They will have to have signed to participate.
If a parent decides they don’t want their kid in school, they can check their child out and they will be excused.

Coffee County
Normal school day, teachers will have lessons planed about event.
They will be able to live stream in auditorium and gym.
Some classes purchased glasses and will be allowed under strict supervision.

Covington County
Letting science teachers at each school take care of it.
Some have purchased eyewear, some will live stream.


Early County
The ECSS will provide glasses.
Parents can pick up children before 2:00 pm and they will be excused.
There will be late dismissals between 3:10 and 3:40 (depending on each school).

Calhoun County
Extending school day until 4:15 pm, some teachers purchased safety glasses for kids.

Seminole County
dismissing at 12:00 PM.

Miller County
Insure that kids are indoors. They live in a partial eclipse zone and will live stream the event.


Holmes County
Closed Monday. This includes all extra-curricular activities, including WINGS.

Jackson County
Closed Monday. This includes extra-curricular activities.

Washington County
Will have school as usual, one of schools bought glasses with grant money.

Walton County
Outside activities suspended from 11:30 a.m.-3:15 p.m. on Monday.

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