Scammers impersonating law enforcement officials, asking for money

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a warning about scammers impersonating law enforcement officials.

“The person will actually portray an investigator, or a police officer, and they sound very convincing," said Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jeff Davis.

The scammer will say the person has missed a court date and that the fines can be paid over the phone.

“If they’re asking you to get money, that should be a red flag immediately. We, as law enforcement, do not solicit money over the telephone," Davis said.

Even though it sounds convincing, the person making the phone call is not with law enforcement.

“No law enforcement agency is going to call you and tell you that you missed jury duty. They’re going to send a law enforcement agent to your house to discuss the matter. We don’t do that over the telephone," Davis said.

Davis said many of the scammers are prisoners who have access to cell phones.

“Believe it or not, it’s prisoners that have access to cell phones in the prisons. There are also people from out of Nigeria and many countries in South America," Davis said.

Davis said that if you do get a phone call from someone impersonating a law enforcement official, call the agency the scammer said he or she worked for and report it.

“If you can get the phone number, write it down and add that to your block list," Davis said.

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